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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Koenig Solutions aims to help its customers in every way possible, and hence has a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:

  • Cancellation of a course will be considered if the request is made within 72 hours of placing the order.
  • Refund will only be processed if cancellation request has been made at least 7 calendar days in advance before the course is scheduled to begin, and an administrative cost of Rs. 1,000/- will be deducted.  
  • Rescheduling will be considered only if the request is received 7 calendar days in advance before the course is scheduled to begin.
  • If you have registered for Oracle 10g / Oracle 11g / Oracle Applications training and wish to cancel, refund for training fee is not possible because Oracle does not accept cancellations received less than 15 days before the schedule start of the training program
  • If you have registered for Cisco Official Curriculum, the deposit is not refundable unless you inform us 15 working days before start of the training. This is because Cisco Official Curriculum is ordered 10 days before start of the training and is not refundable.
  • If you request for electronic pre-study material and thereafter decide to cancel the course and seek a refund, a charge of Rs. 1,500/- per pre-study link sent will be deducted from the deposit.
  • The exam fee (if included) in the boot camp fee is non-refundable. And the exams can only be taken in India at Koenig premises. In case you do not take the exams, the value is non-refundable.
  • If you wish to change your schedule or courses, an administrative fee of Rs. 1,000/- is charged per instance. The changes have to be requested in advance and are subject to availability. Changing the mode of training will be subject to resource availability and will be as per new costing.

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