Managing The Access Environment
  • Create And Manage A Database
  •  Configure The Navigation Pane
  • Apply Application Parts
Building Tables
  • Create Tables
  •  Create And Modify Fields
  •  Sort And Filter Records
  •  Set Relationships
  • Import Data From A Single Data File

Building Forms

  • Create Forms
  •  Apply Form Design Tab Options
  •  Apply Form Arrange Tab Options
  • Apply Form Format Tab Options
Creating And Managing Queries
  •  Construct Queries
  •  Manage Source Tables And Relationships
  •  Manipulate Fields
  •  Calculate Totals
  • Generate Calculated Fields

 Designing Reports

  • Create Reports
  •  Apply Report Design Tab Options
  •  Apply Report Arrange Tab Options
  •  Apply Report Format Tab Options
  • Sort And Filter Records For Reporting