Managing The Worksheet Environment
  • Navigate through a worksheet
  • Print a worksheet or workbook
  • Personalize environment by using Backstage
Creating Cell Data
  • Construct cell data
  • Apply AutoFill
  • Apply and manipulate hyperlinks
Formatting Cells And Worksheets
  • Apply and modify cell formats
  • Merge or split cells
  • Create row and column titles
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Manipulate Page Setup options for worksheets
  • Create and apply cell styles
Managing Worksheets And Workbooks
  • Create and format worksheets
  • Manipulate window views
  • Manipulate workbook views
Applying Formulas And Functions
  • Create formulas
  • Enforce precedence
  • Apply cell references in formulas
  • Apply conditional logic in a formula (<,>,=)
  • Apply named ranges in formulas
  • Apply cell ranges in formulas
Presenting Data Visually
  • Create charts based on worksheet data
  • Apply and manipulate illustrations
  • Create and modify images by using the Image Editor
  • Apply Sparklines
  • Sharing worksheet data with other users
  • Share spreadsheets by using Backstage
  • Manage comments
Analyzing And Organizing Data
  • Filter data
  • Sort data
  • Apply conditional formatting