Managing The Powerpoint Environment
  • Adjust views
  • Manipulate the PowerPoint window
  • Configure the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  •  Configure PowerPoint file options
Creating A Slide Presentation
  • Construct and edit a photo album
  • Apply slide size and orientation settings
  • Add and remove slides
  • Format slides
  • Enter and format text
  • Format a text box
Working With Graphical And Multimedia Elements
  • Manipulate graphical elements
  • Manipulate images
  • Modify WordArt and shapes
  • Manipulate SmartArt
  •  Edit video and audio content
Creating Charts And Tables
  • Construct and modify a table
  • Insert and modify a chart
  • Apply chart elements
  • Manipulate chart layouts
  •  Manipulate chart elements
Applying Transitions And Animations
  • Apply built-in and custom animations
  • Apply effect and path options
  • Manipulate an animation
  • Apply and modify transitions between slides
Collaborating On A Presentation
  • Manage comments in a presentation
  • Apply proofing tools
Preparing A Presentation For Delivery
  • Save a presentation
  • Share a presentation
  • Print a presentation
  • Protect a presentation
Delivering A Presentation
  • Apply presentation tools
  • Set up a slide show
  • Set presentation timing
  • Record a presentation