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I'm grateful to Koenig Delhi and its team for being there and helping me build a diverse career with CCNA Security training. It's been a fabulous, knowledgeable experience and one can feel the sense of belonging here . Professionalism, dedication and good ethics are some of the key points I have observed here. They have a habit of taking good care of everything and will provide a helping hand no matter what. It's been a superb journey ever since I came to Koenig for the first time .

Team Koenig is simply moving from one perfection to another.

Thanks a lot.

  Shubham Jain (CCNA Security)

I did my OOTP, JAVA7, Network+ and Security+ course from Koenig Solutions in Delhi. I learnt many new things in JAVA like applets and making small applications. Here I also learnt about networking and Information Security? from the root to the uppermost level. Before starting this course I knew very little about networking and Information Security but now I can say that I am clear about all the concepts of networking and security. I am a student doing B. Tech from Delhi.

My trainers here at Koenig were brilliant. They had deep knowledge of the subject and helped me in every topic by explaining my problems in practical as well. This will be very helpful to me in the future. I sincerely thank my trainers for helping me out with Networking and Security. I will be using some tools which I learnt here such as IP tracing, Remote Desktop Protocol, Team viewer, Virtualization, VMware, Backtrack etc in my everyday life.

  Ankit Lamba (OOTP, JAVA7, Network+ and Security+)

Coming to Koenig Solutions has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my Life. I am ABHISHEK CHAUHAN from Uttar Pradesh(India). I was in Koenig for CEH certification. All my fears of coming to a strange land were doused from the moment I arrived at Koenig Delhi centre.

Studying in Koenig is demanding and it requires a lot of discipline on the part of the student due to the schedule but in all it is highly rewarding. I must say that despite the nature of the schedule, the instructors make the classes quite fulfilling with the deep knowledge that they exhibit about the courses. I really had a nice experience with my mentor. The trainers here really demonstrate good knowledge of the course and their interpersonal skills are excellent with the student. Since the trainer explained everything in-depth; I was able to clear many of my doubts and technical concepts after doing all the hard work and getting directions from my trainer.

Initially, I was worried of what to expect and how hard it will be for me since I had little programming experience but all those worries were quickly dispelled after the first lecture with my trainer. He is a true teacher who knows how to make something complex seem really simple. One of the greatest things about him is that he reads his students really well and has a way of getting things done in a pretty nice manner. I found an elder brother in him. My queries were sorted so easily that I was left wondering whether they were actually that simple. I recommend Koenig Solutions to anyone looking to have training in CEH.

At last I would like to thank everyone for their help and support, for making my stay in Delhi unforgettable. I will recommend Koenig boot camp to anyone who really wants to gain better knowledge and have a good experience. I will definitely come to Koenig for another course in future.

 Abhishek Chauhan (CEH v8 certification)

Koenig appeared on my radar during my extensive searches for a reliable MS Dynamics AX training provider. I considered many available options, but finally arrived at the conclusion that Koenig is the right place for two reasons 1. Quality 2. Affordability I received a cordial welcome on my arrival at Delhi Airport in a scorching summer afternoon of May 2013. A Koenig team member escorted me in a cab to the cool comforts of Koenig Inn. On the way, he had handed over to me a set of neatly compiled documents including registration form, books and survival essentials. I have enrolled for MSCBMSS - Financial Series for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 training.

I was pleasantly surprised to see their well-appointed training facilities, residential amenities, dining halls, maintained in exemplary standards. Koenig is setting an example for others to emulate. It's clearly the leader of it herd. Many faces, Many thoughts, many cultures converge, there is exchange of idea, acquiring of knowledge and transformation all happening with the walls of Koenig, where highly motivated, radiant faces tell you silently that they are happy to be here.

Koenig seems to be transforming it selves in to a global knowledge hub. I am highly satisfied with my Koenig experience. Koenig's trainers are dedicated professionals, motivated individuals and reserves of knowledge's, who prides in sharing their knowledge and in turn takes the delight in transforming lives and careers. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to the sales representative [my first contact with Koenig], my trainer [Microsoft Certified Trainer, AX Expert and my AX Financials Guru]; Rohit [Founder- CEO], for those trickles of wisdom and ethos, shared through his blogs.

 Prasanth Nair (MSCBMSS - Financial Series for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009)
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